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Barony work and silver lockets 1

Here are a few things I have been working on. The exhibition title is "Roots". So I have decided to explore my a memory from the people I am closest to. Some them are no longer with us but they are part of who I am and I now pass down memories of them to my son.

I have never made a silver locket before so this was very interesting. The first one is for my mother. She is still alive thankfully, but so many memories come flooding in when I think back to time spent with her. As a kid she always seemed so confident, bold. Loved walm colours, red, gold, yellow. When I studded art history at collage I realised she had a huge love of Art Deco. The book has been hand bound by my self. She was always leaving notes and witing in. She also loves books. Where we used to live there was a beautiful bluebell wood. I loved walking through there with my mum. She loves pointing out the first butterfly, the first ladybird the first bee or bluebell of the year.

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