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About me

My passion for jewellery started at a young age with collecting things and stringing beads onto cotton.

Since graduating with a BA in Design from Birmingham University, I have worked towards expanding my love of designing and working with metal.


During our many holiday visits to The Isle of Skye, I often wanted to open a shop collecting and selling all local crafts and arts. In 2004 my moved to husband and I moved up to Skye where I completed an apprenticeship at Skye Jewellery.

In 2014 I opened my own shop in Broadford, where I sold both my jewellery and works by other local artists. Eighteen months later due to my husband's work, I found myself set up on the west coast of Scotland in the small town of Dunoon. This is now where of work from home creating new jewellery designs all the time.

Many people ask why I moved to Scotland. The answer is simple -my inspiration comes from the beautiful landscape, the people, and the culture.


I love nothing more than translating creative designs into the metal. Many people know what they like but can't find what they are looking for. Let me help by making it for you -I produce bespoke pieces to order and together we can create something individual and unique. Many of my designs are one-off pieces. This can be due to the unique nature of a stone or just that I think only one should exist. These Items will have "One-Off" in the description. There are also many stock pieces. These are items I can make from scratch time and time again. Saying that because they are handmade, everyone is slightly different.




                                                                My work can be purchased from this website and from:

The Castle Gallery, Isle of Bute

Etsy- Elements range


Natalie Sedgwick at her work bench.
Jewellers saw been used.
Gift warpped jewellery
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