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Buying Diamond Jewellery

According to the Zodiac sign Aries, diamonds are supposed to bring good fortune to those who wear them.

For those wanting to buy a diamond ring or pendant for example we ask few questions about the stone we are getting except maybe the price. Do you know what you are getting for your money though.

There are several questions you must first ask your self before buying diamond jewellery.

How much do you want to budget? What colour would you like? Diamonds come in many colours. It has become quite popular to buy coloured diamonds for that splash of colour. Size? Size does matter when you consider how much your gift is to be worn. Even if you can afford a large diamond, if you are buying a diamond engagement ring for example ,how practical is is to wear everyday?

The price of a diamond depends on 4 factors. In the trade they are known as the 4 C's.

Cut: So much of the beauty in a diamond is due to the cut. If the cut is too shallow or deep the light or 'fire' does not refract within the stone. A skilled lapidarist knows how and where to cut to make the most of the stone.

Colour: Even the slightest hint of colour can affect the cost of a diamond. Every diamond is given a letter which indicates the tone and saturation of the stone. This is part of the GIA scale, used to grade diamonds.

Carat: The size of your diamond is measured in Carats or "ct" for short. One metric carat is (0.2) of a gram. The metric carat is divided into 100 points. A point is one hundredth of a carat.

Clarity: No two stones are the same. Small imperfections help to map the individual qualities of the diamond. The fewer flaws or flecks in the stone the hight the value. This is also measured and given a letter. Refer to for charts so you know what to ask for when commissioning a item of diamond jewellery.

When buying diamond jewellery you can ask about the carat or rating of the clarity of your stone. If you are planing on investing some money in diamonds or diamond jewellery make sure you ask if a diamond certificate with your diamond. This should be kept safe, as it will act as your insurance if the jewellery was to ever get stolen or lost.


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